Insurance for stays abroad of less than a year

Going abroad for a short visit or a longer trip (as a pair, on a Working Holiday Visa or travelling around the world)?
Looking for an insurance package that will cover you for the most common risks?

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Type of policy: short-term expatriate insurance, individual or family policy
Insured: under the age of 75
Destination: worldwide other than the country of nationality, France, the French Overseas Departments and Regions and any countries excluded from Destination : cover
Duration: 15 days to 12 months maximum

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The Magellan policy is designed for anyone under the age of 75 spending up to a year travelling anywhere in the world (excluding France, the French Overseas Departments and Regions and the home country). Maximum period of cover one year.

The policy insures you against the unexpected during your time abroad, thanks to our comprehensive medical expenses, repatriation assistance, personal liability cover…

Comprehensive cover
Faced with medical expenses?

Emergency hospitalisation?
Doctor's appointment?

Magellan covers you for both regular and unexpected medical expenses including from the 1st euro you spend or as a topup to French Social Security cover or to the CFE and offers a direct payment service for hospital fees: you have nothing to pay up front if you are hospitalised for more than 24 hours.

Need assistance during your trip?

Involved in an accident and need to be repatriated straight away?
Hospitalised and awaiting the arrival of a relative?

APRIL Mobilité will organise your repatriation on medical grounds, at any time, day or night, to your home or to the best equipped hospital. We also cover the transport and accommodation costs incurred by a friend or relative coming to visit you.

If you lose your luggage during the trip?

You arrive at your destination but your luggage doesn’t.
APRIL Mobilité reimburses you up to €1600 in the event of the loss, theft or destruction of your luggage. The policy also covers you for essential items up to the value of €200 if your luggage is delayed.


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