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The analysis and consulting in respect of international health insurance following illness and accident for expatriates are our main development strategy over the years. The products and services offered by WinHealth come directly from the insurance requests of our international customers worldwide, seeking a sole and trusted single interlocutor, wishing to benefit from privileged and exclusive access thank to our 12 dedicated teams within the insurance companies.

The strength of networks, relationships and connections allow us to meet all your needs in all branches of insurance, special risks and other related services.



International private medical and health insurance following illness and accident for all, around the world, with free choice of medical providers (hospitals, doctors) in private room, without deductible, coverage of routine outpatient cares, maternity, alternative medicines, dental and optical benefits, with many flexible options.



Business mission, temporary international health and medical insurance or a full Schengen Visa travel insurance solution with medical expenses, emergency evacutation assistance, death and disability benefits following an accident, luggage insurance, legal protection and third party liability insurance, these are the benefits of our exclusive Magellan plan .



A single and unique insurance healthcare coverage solution following illness and accident in addition to the CMU or the LAMal allowing outpatient voluntary treatments and hospitalization in Switzerland, without deductible and without any medical questionnaire for group contracts, including also an insurance coverage for dental, optical and alternative medicines.

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If you are a foreign student, you will study abroad in the United States, in China or any different countries in the world, our Crystal Studies plan (Expat Student plan (> 12 months) will perfectly meet your expectations and those from the University with a comprehensive insurance package.


Swiss Residents

For all Swiss residents, we offer all branches of insurance: personal insurances, property insurances and life insurances. We assist you in setting up your local insurance schemes for individual as well as corporate.


Associated services

We have created an insurance "family office" approach for our international private clients, which can rely on a powerful international network in various and varied fields, both financial and real estate, on the lookout for any merger and acquistion opportunity or financial mortgage.

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